Why restoration is a better alternative than replacement for tubs & tile

Why restoration is a better alternative than replacement for tubs & tile

When you are ready to invest in updating a bathroom, two of the various decisions you may have to make can involve whether you want to restore or replace the aging bathtub and tile. While both restoration and replacement can have the same outcomes – making your bathroom look fresh and new again, the costs and processes associated with these different options can vary dramatically.

And understanding these differences can help you extend your renovation dollars so that you can make as many home improvements with your budget as possible.

Benefits of Tile & Tub Restoration (over Replacement)

  • Lower costsRestoration is usually only a fraction of the cost of replacement for both tile and tubs. This is because, in general, with restoration, there will be less demo work, there won’t be as many new (and expensive) materials to purchase, and getting the job done can require less labor overall.
  • Faster turnaround timesRestoring tile and tubs typically takes far less time than replacing them.  In fact, when it comes to refinishing and restoring tubs, the entire process (including the work and the time needed to allow the work to set) tends to take less than 30 hours (for tile, the amount of time can vary according to the area of the tile being restored). This means that, within days, you can get back to using your bathroom, whereas you may be out of your bathroom for weeks or longer with tile and tub replacement work.
  • Lasting results – While restoring tubs and tile is generally cheaper and faster than replacing them, restoration also comes with the benefit of enduring results, with restored tubs and tile lasting up to 15 or 20 years, if not longer, with the proper maintenance. This can really maximize the return on your renovation investments.

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