Tub Reglazing in Denver is in growing popularity. Home Owners are becoming more aware of their options to update their home without spending thousands of dollars. There are several reasons to consider reglazing one’s bathtub:

  1. It’s cost effective. You will spend up to 1/5th of the price to refinish the existing bathtub vs. replacing it. 
  2. It’s green. Not only do we use green chemicals to finish the bathtub, you’re recycling!!
  3. It’s a time saver. We can reglaze your bathtub in Denver in 2-3 hours. It ONLY needs 24 hours for it to cure.
  4. It’s cleaner. You will not have drywall, plumbing and tile everywhere.
  5. It’s custom. Reglaze your bathtub to any color you would like. Add a non-skid finish, if desired.
  6. It supports your local Denver small business. We provide a quality finish with an amazing warranty.

See what a difference it makes!!


Before Reglaze. Home owner used stick on non-skid on the bottom of the bathtub for years. It etched into the porcelain.


We reglazed the bathtub with a pure white high-gloss finish. It will be easy to clean and brightens the whole bathroom


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