Biggest safety risks in bathrooms and how to avoid them

Biggest safety risks in bathrooms and how to avoid them

Accidents at home are fifth leading cause of death in the U.S., according to the Home Safety Council. And while accidents and injuries can occur anywhere in a home, kitchens, stairways and bathrooms tend to be the riskiest places for people.

To help you stay safe and avoid a home or bathroom accident, here’s a list of the things in bathrooms that tend to create the most prominent safety threats, along with tips on how to mitigate and avoid these risks.

Top Bathroom Safety Risks

  1. Water – While flowing water is an essential feature of bathrooms (in showers/tubs, sinks and toilets), it is also one of the leading dangers, as water can easily get to places where it should not be. And this can create serious falling hazards. For instance, leaky pipes, poorly fitting shower doors and even the buildup on condensation (following a hot shower, for example) can all cause water to pool up on floors, increasing the risk of slipping and falling.
    • Safety tip: Add nonskid rugs outside of the shower/tub, as well as around the sink and toilet. If water regularly leaks from the shower or tub, consider replacing features that are contributing to the leaks (such as the poorly fitting shower door or the older curtain).
  2. Soap residue – Body washes, shampoos, conditioners and other products are commonly used during shower and bath time. These products, however, can leave behind residues (i.e., soap scum) that can create a dangerous, slippery layer in tubs. And this slippery layer can, again, increase the risk of slip and falls.
    • Safety tip: After every shower or bath, be sure to rinse the tub area so that slippery soap scum won’t build up. On a regular basis, do a more thorough cleaning of your tub (with non-caustic cleansers that won’t eat away at the tub’s lining). If slipping the tub is a big concern, consider having a no-slip liner installed by the professionals at Colorado Tub Repair.
  3. Lights and glares – Although bright lights and white, glittering surfaces in a bathroom can be the picture of clean and perfection, they can also create a safety hazard for some people, especially those who may have vision or balancing issues.
    • Safety tip: Soften up the lighting and/or color scheme in your bathroom if lights/glares present a risk to anyone in your home. You can also install additional safety features like grab bars to assist those who may have mobility issues and/or balancing problems.

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