Tile Replacement vs Tile Refinish

What are the advantages of Tile Replacement vs. Tile Refinish? Both options have advantages, but which option would be best? Well, let’s look at your situation.

1. Why are you wanting to change the tile?

2. Is the condition of tile and grout in good shape?

3. Are there any loose tiles?

Tile Replacement can be necessary. For example: If the tile is loose and/or falling off the wall, there is a good chance that the tile is not supported to the correct backerboard. Many attempt use drywall as a substrate for the shower surround. DO NOT DO THIS. There is no moisture barrier  between the tile and drywall/framing. When water reaches behind the tile, it will disentegrate the drywall and possibly even the framing. That’s a whole other mess. Remove one of the loose tiles gently and be sure there is a backer board behind it. If not, it’s best to remove the tile and start from scratch. But this time, do it correctly with some backer board and a waterproof membrane. Situations like this would require the tile to be replaced. It is a more expensive option, but doing it correctly will save you more money in the long run.

Getting the Tile Refinished is a benefit in many ways. You first need to look closely at your tile and grout lines. If the grout lines are hidden or very worn, you will need to get it re-grouted before you refinish it. Small cracks or chips in a few tiles can be easily fixed. Assuming that the tile and the grout are in good shape, the dynamic of the entire room will change with a tile refinish. When the finish is done properly, you can expect 15+ years out of it, before it will need to be refinished again. It is custom too. You can select classic white, an almond to match your sink and toilet or one of 25 multi-color finishes (wink, wink). The Tile Refinish can be completed in a day and will only require 24 hours to cure. Then your set.

The BEST PART is Tile refinishing will save you:

Time (1 day process)

Money (can be 1/3 of the cost of replacing)


Showering in your teenagers bathroom for a period of days (you don’t know what’s in there)

If your unsure about which option would be best? Call us out and we would be happy to  take a look.


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