A few weeks ago, I saw what I thought was a hair on the side of our jetted bathtub. When I reached over to remove it, it wouldn’t budge and I thought it was a crack. There were other cracks I noticed as well and then I decided to get two estimates to repair the tub.

The first vendor came out and told me that there were cracks in the tub and the solution was to put a layer of fiberglass along the bottom of the tub and they would return the next day to smooth and resurface the entire tub. By the way, they also wanted me to get a plumber to come out and remove the drain before they got there and then after the repairs were made, get the plumber to come back and reseat the drain.

When I called Colorado Tub Repair, I spoke to Becky and she had me send digital pictures and gave me an estimate after her team reviewed the pictures I sent.The estimate was very reasonable since they were only going to fix the existing cracks and no plumber was necessary. I decided to go with them and if any new cracks appeared, I’d replace the tub.

When the repair team showed up, they took a look and said that what I was seeing weren’t cracks at all. They were marks from someone’s shoes and that made sense because you have to step in the tub to reach the blinds. They quickly sanded the marks with 2000 grit wet sandpaper, which removed the marks and polished the tub so that it looked brand new!

There were two small chips in the bottom of the tub and over time, would have been problematic but were not a problem right now. I chose to have them repaired and saw two professionals at work! The reason there were two people is that one was in her last week of training. The trainee anticipated every need that the experienced repair person was going to need and had it ready and waiting to go. The experienced repair person did an outstanding job of patching/smoothing/airbrushing the repair. I need to let everything dry for 24 hours and then everything is “good to go”. My tub looks like it’s brand new and I spent less than 20% of what the other vendor was going to charge – time for the Happy Dance!!!

Needless to say, I would highly recommend Colorado Tub Repair.

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