A few frequently asked questions

Colorado Tub Repair, LLC has been invested in the refinishing industry for a decade, as of now. There several common FAQ that we have complied to help in your decision making.


  • If I get my bathtub refinished, what will I need to clean it with?

Bathtubs need to be refinished due to the use of abrasive and acidic cleaners. Dawn Liquid Dish Soap is the best product to clean a brand new tub with, let alone a refinished one. It will keep the new finish shiny while removing body oils and soap scum from the surface. Clean it regularly. If you allow dirt and grim to build up on the surface, you’ll have to use more aggressive cleaners. Those cleaners are what ate the surface of the bathtub in the first place.


  • I’m remodeling my bathroom. When’s the best time to refinish my bathtub?

Your bathtub refinish will be one of the last items you’ll want to complete in your bathroom. There are a couple reasons for this. One, dust. When the finish is applied, it causes static electricity. So any dust hanging in the air will want to stick to the new finish. Two, if your installing tile floors or any type of surround in the bathroom, that can be a messy job. Get all of that settled first then get your bathtub refinished at a finishing touch. TIP: Any grout lines that will meet the tub, leave ungrouted. Fill that final grout line after the tub has cured for a clean complete look.


  • How long will a refinish take?

Colorado Tub Repair, LLC refinishes take approximately 2-3 hours. If the bathtub has been refinished before, it can take and hour or so longer. After the technician leaves, you’ll need to leave it alone for ONLY 24 hours. After that period of time, use your tub as you usually do.


  • Will the refinish smell?

Yes. There is an odor when any refinish/repair is completed. It is not toxic. We were respirators and protective gear due to the fact that we are around the odor everyday. Your sensitivity to smell will determine on how the odor will affect you. Everyone is different. Some people have been able to work along side of us, others have had to leave the location for a few hours. Most individuals have found if they stay in another part of the home, the odor does not bother them. We do recommend those with asthma or pregnant to try to leave the location for a few hours. The odor will be strongest for the first few hours, then it will really die down for the rest of the 24 hour dry time.