Counter Top Refinish in Denver, CO

Reglaze or Replace my outdated countertops…  Which one makes sense for my bathroom?

Countertop refinishing, a fast, practical and budget friendly way to give your bathroom a facelift!

Refinishing a countertop is a fabulous way to give your bathroom a chic, modern feel.  Most countertops have great ‘bones’ meaning the shape and size are right for the room, but the pattern is outdated, or the color is truly awful (remember that avocado green that was EVERYWHERE in the late 70’s – we blame the drugs.)

ugly green bathroom

This color haunts our nightmares.

Replacing countertops often involves major construction, contractors, and a lot of money (usually in the 4 figures) and headaches…  Vs reglazing where within one day, you can have the whole dynamic of your room change with a counter top refinish. By reglazing them with a modern multicolor finish, you’ll update the entire room, at a fraction of the cost of replacement. There are 25 amazing colors to choose from. Customize your countertops to your liking.  Colorado Tub Repair is proud to be the top counter top refinisher in Denver, CO!

Okay, I’m sold, so how does the process work?

First, the large appliances will be removed, if possible. Then the entire room will be masked off. Every square inch of the countertop will be sanded with a range of aggressive sanders. The counter top is cleaned, prepped and a bonding agent is applied. Primer is sprayed, followed by the multicolor finish. It takes 1 to 1.5 hours for the multicolor to dry. After the chemical is dry to the touch, a protective sealant is applied. Wait 24 hours, have a bead of silicone applied around the edges and your all set. Go Green, save money and REFINISH YOUR COUNTER TOPS!



Before: Outdated Cultured Marble Counter Top


Updated Modern Multi-color Finish

Denver Tile Refinishing

Your have a bathroom in Denver with tons of potential. The tile is in great shape. Grout looks good. Really draws your eye to the avocado green trim pieces that frame the Pepto pink 4″x4″ squares consistent throughout the bathtub tile surround….wait. What?

Yes. You have great condition, yet nasty colored tile. Instead of spending $1,500 – $3,000 demolishing that bathroom, refinish it! You can open up the room with a classic white tile refinishing or select from one of our popular 24 multicolors Stone-flex option.

Refinishing the tile with a multicolor will give you a modern look to the finish and update the home. Tile refinishing comes to a fraction of the cost to replacing the tile, let alone in the time and hassle to work with a contractor in Denver. Your tile can be refinished in 3 – 5 hours, with a 24 cure time. That’s it. It’s that simple.

Does a walk-in tub conversion make sense for my loved one?

When it comes time for a walk-in bathtub conversion for your parents to continue live independently in their Denver home, or needing to provide comfortable bathing arrangements for a loved one in there home after a surgery, it’s crucial to know your options. Individuals in this situation usually have either time or money restrictions…sometimes even both. Which can place you or your loved ones in a vulnerable position to certain salesmen. So hopefully this will help.

Investing in a brand new Walk-In Bathtub is, in our opinion, a little excessive. The tubs are the length of a standard bathtub, but are 37 – 47 inches high. These bathtubs are created for you to walk into, shut the water tight door and let the tub fill up, bathe, let the bathtub drain and then step out.

There are several concerns we have in this design. First, your bathing time just doubled, easily, if not tripled. You have to wait inside the 37”x60” tub to fill up before bathing and then have drain fully before you can open the door to get out. If there is an emergency of any sort and you need to escape the bathtub, all of the bath water would flood the bathroom. Creating severe water damage. Secondly, most residential water heaters do not hold 40+ gallons of HEATED water. You won’t have enough hot water to bathe in; hence, a chilly bath. Third, The cost for these tubs $5,000-$6,000 not including installation or an additional surround, which can add up to be drastically more. This option, we believe is taking advantage of individuals in these situations.

Another option for a bathtub conversion, is to remove the current bathtub and install a large shower pan. This would involve demolishing the bathtub in place, removing any or all tile within the surround, address movement of the plumbing for the future shower pan, install pan and shower door (more stable then a curtain for balance). Even though this option is decent, it still will take a lot more time then most are comfortable with. Plus, remodeling projects tend to have a hidden, unforeseen hold-up. This in of itself can be stressful, especially if you’re using multiple Denver contractors to complete the remodel. The cost for a remodel can still easily come to $3,000-$10,000. So doable, but not ideal.

What we have found to be the best option for Walk-In Bathtub Conversions is to alter the current bathtub by cutting a section out of the front wall that usually would be stepped over to enter the bathtub. Then install a “U” shaped step to be able to walk directly into the bathtub. These steps can even have a water tight door for bathing, if desired. You would still use the same amount of water, still have your bathroom as it is. This bathtub conversion can range $800-$1,300 depending on the needs and situation of the bathroom. The step is installed in a day and needs 3 days to bond to the bathtub. It’s a fraction of the cost, time and stress.