How to Clean a Bathroom in Less than 15 Mins.

How to Clean a Bathroom in Less than 15 Mins.

While the Spring season can be a good time to thoroughly clean the bathrooms in your home, you may not necessarily have time for careful bathroom cleanings. And when time is limited – like when you may be preparing for Easter guests to visit, having a quick clean-up fix for your bathrooms can be invaluable, cutting down your stress levels as you get ready.

So, here are some essential quick-fix bathroom cleaning tips that can help you get your bathrooms ready for visitors in less than 15 minutes:

  • Remove the garbage and put away the clutter – First and foremost, get rid of any garbage, clothing or other items that are thrown on the floors, lingering around the sink/tub, etc. This can be a good task for children to help with as you get ready for the next step, which is to…
  • Rinse & wipe down the tub and sink – If spraying the tub and sink with water and wiping them down is not removing the unsightly dirt, soap scum and other debris, use a sponge and some non-abrasive dish soap (like Dawn) to more effectively clean these areas.
  • Do a quick toilet cleaning – This doesn’t have to take long and generally involves adding soap the toilet bowl, letting it sit for a moment, and then giving it a flush.
  • Wipe down the mirror(s) – A quick mirror wipe down can really spruce up a bathroom, and it may even reveal some other dirty spots that you want to pay attention to you before you wrap up your quick cleaning.
  • Vacuum or sweep the floor – And don’t forget to get behind the toilet, in the corners, behind the bathroom door(s), and other places where dust and debris can easily build up.

A Few Pro Tips to Help

  • Keep all of your bathroom cleaning supplies together, preferably in a caddy so you can get to cleaning (and finishing it up) ASAP.
  • Make these quick cleanings a habit. The more often you do them, the faster they can go (as there will be less built up mess/dirt to have to deal with if you are regularly removing it).

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