Choosing the Right Bathtub Refinishing Pros: Questions to Ask before You Hire a Pro

Choosing the Right Bathtub Refinishing Pros: Questions to Ask before You Hire a Pro

When interviewing professionals to refinish your bathtub – or do any other work on your home, asking certain questions can uncover more about each candidate’s experience, work product and services. Here are some of the most important questions to ask during this process so that you can find out who may be the right (or wrong) person for the job:

  1. What credentials do you have? – Make sure the contractor has the appropriate licensing, as well as insurance coverage.
  2. How long have you been in business? – Experience matters, so be sure to get a specific answer here. Established contractors will have the insight and knowledge to get the job done right, in the most efficient manner possible.
  3. Do you have examples of prior work I can see? – Ask to see before/after pictures or portfolios. Beware of a contractor who doesn’t have any prior work to show you.
  4. Do you have references I can call? – References can include prior clients, colleagues, etc. If references aren’t available, ask to see client reviews or feedback. Again, beware of contractors who can’t provide you with any reviews or references who can attest to the quality of their work and services.
  5. What types of materials do you use? – Answers provided to this question can speak to contractors’ experience (if they are – or aren’t – able to immediately list the materials), as well as the quality of their work product (if they aren’t using quality materials, the product won’t be quality either).
  6. What are you going to charge? – Get detailed quotes and compare them to industry rates. Find out what exactly you’ll receive for the price you’re paying, as well as whether any additional offerings (like warranties) are provided.
  7. Why are you the best choice for my project? – This can be a revealing answer, especially when you compare the answers given by different contractors. Quality professionals will have honest, compelling responses that go beyond simply “we’re the best.”

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