Avoid These 5 Tub Killers to Keep Your Tub in Top Condition.

Avoid These 5 Tub Killers to Keep Your Tub in Top Condition.

The small touches you add in and around your tub can personalize your bathroom and enhance your bathing experience. Sometimes, however, these touches may also come with a downside – and that can be that they ruin the surface of your bathtub, causing stains, rust and other unsightly damage that reduces your tub’s shelf life.

To help you avoid this (especially in light of the fact that some of these tub killers are prominently featured on social media sites like Pinterest), here are some specific bath accessories and products to refrain from using in your tub.

  1. Acidic, abrasive or gritty cleansers – You may think that you are loving your tub back by aggressively cleaning it with caustic or gritty cleaners, including some “home recipes” for tub cleaners (like those that contain vinegar). Your tub may even glisten after you wash it with these harsh substances. The fact is, however, that these substances will damage the surface of your tub.
    • For a thorough cleaning that won’t damage your tub, use Dawn dish soap.
  2. Bathtub mats – These mats, which are fixed by suctions cups that stick to the bottoms of tubs, can trap water and soap scum beneath them. Overtime, this trapped water and grime can eat away at the surface of tubs. This causes the regions beneath the mats to become damaged far more quickly than the areas of the tub that are allowed to breath and dry between bathing sessions.
    • For slip and fall protection that won’t damage your tub, consider adding a safety grip and/or installing a walk-in tub conversion.
  3. Bathtub pillows and headrests – Also fixed by suction cups, these accessories can also be tub killers, accelerating the damage wrecked on your tub’s surface.
    • For head support when bathing, roll up a towel, and place it under your head and/or neck. Towels can be removed (and even used to dry the tub) when you are done bathing. And they won’t cause any extra damage.
  4. Any toys or accessories with suction cups – By now, it may be obvious: suction cups or anything that traps water and/or soap scum on the surface of a tub will ruin it. So, the real take away is to avoid any bathtub items with suction cups. This is a great way to show your bathtub some love!
    • For some extra fun or utility in the tub, opt for toys that can be removed after bath time, as well as shelving outside of the bathtub/shower area. Removing everything from the tub after bath or shower time allows for complete drying (another way to give your tub back some love!).
  5. Bathtub tints or colors – If these items are not specifically “stain-free,” don’t use them in your tub. They can discolor and stain your tub.
    • For extra luxury in the bath that won’t ruin your tub, go for some fancy, dye-free bubble bath or even rose petals.

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