Love Bathing in Your Tub: Fun Bath Time Items that Won’t Kill Your Tub

Love Bathing in Your Tub: Fun Bath Time Items that Won’t Kill Your Tub

Taking a nice, warm bath can be a joy for children and adults alike. While kids may love bath time because they get to play with water, for adults, baths can be a place to unwind, get some space and relax.

Regardless of why you and your family may love bath time, what you do and/or use during bath time may not be showing your bathtub any love. While we have previously pointed out some things to avoid using in tubs to avoid damaging them, below are some tub-friendly items (i.e., items that won’t damage your tub) that may help you (and your kids) love bath time just a little bit more… if that’s possible!

  1. Bathtub caddies – Want a place to put a book, a candle or even maybe a glass of wine while you enjoy a bath? Try a shower caddy that rests over the edges of your tub.
    • Pro Tip: Remove the caddy after every bath, and dry the edges of the tub where the caddy rested. This ensures that your tub’s surface will fully dry after each use.
  2. Dye-free bath bombs and bubble baths – Bubble bath doesn’t just have to be for your kids. Try adding some dye-free bubbles to your next bath session for some added luxury and fun.
    • Pro Tip: Rinse any residual bubbles out of the tub when the water finishes draining. This prevents the damaging buildup of soap scum.
  3. Stain-free bathtub coloring sets for kids – These allow kids to essentially color in the tub.
    • Pro Tip: Same as above – rinse any residual colors off of the tub and/or surrounding tile to prevent any discoloration.
  4. Floating bathtub LED lights – For children and adults, floating LED lights can add a new twist to bath time (and a whole new feel to the bathroom – especially if you turn down the overhead lighting).
    • Pro Tip: Remove these lights from the tub after each use. While these lights can present a falling hazard to the next unsuspecting bather, they may also trap water beneath them if you leave them in tub (and water trapped on the surface of your tub will damage it).

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