There are a few options when it comes to how to repair a cracked shower pan. If you don’t know your options or do your research, you’ll be throwing money down the drain (pun not intended).
There 2 important things you need to find out first:


1. What caused the crack? (i.e. Did something heavy dropped/fell? Is it from regular use? Are they stress cracks?, etc.)

This information you would need to provide to your bathtub refinish specialist. How it cracked may determine the best option for repairing the broken surface.

2. Does the area surrounding the crack flexing? If you apply weight to the area, does it bend, bow or give?

No flex? EXCELLENT!! There is a very good chance this crack can be easily fixed.

If the area flexes under pressure, your shower pan doesn’t have the proper support underneath it. You would be shocked as to how many shower pans lack some, if not all, support when they were installed during construction. Now, there is a possibility that the shower pan can be salvaged  (by adding support) if the flexing area is approximately 1 foot in diameter. How is this done? The specialist will drill a hole (possibly even multiple holes) into the unsupported area or cut the area out, then apply a high density support foam. This support product will need to be special ordered. Avoid using the support foam you can find at a local general store. Those products will not hold applied weight for an extended period of time. The holes/cut out will then be filled with a water-proof filler and sanded flush. The whole area is then cleaned and prepped. The urethane acrylic color is matched to the existing color of the shower pan and sprayed in the needed areas or the whole shower pan can fully refinished; whichever is needed. TA-DA! (You may need to leave that surface alone for 1-3 days depending on the high density foam cure time.)

Now in our experience, if the flexing area is larger than a foot, replacing the shower basin is usually the best option.  You can still TRY to have a specialist repair it, but it may just be putting a band-aid on a broken leg. High density support foam will only do so much. Replacing may be your best/only option. Talk to a specialist, get an expert opinion, but be cautious. An honest bathtub refinish specialist will let you know is the salvage is worth pursuing. Don’t be taken advantage of. Do your research. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



This shower pan crack was caused by standing weight. The lack of support underneath caused the shower basin to give when someone would stand in it. IMG_0261




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