How to Choose a Bathtub Refinishing Company

How to Choose a Bathtub Refinishing Company

When you are ready to refinish the tubs and/or tile in your homes, the professionals you choose to hire can make all of the difference in the cost and outcome of the project. In fact, if you end up choosing the wrong refinishing company, you could end up spending a lot more money on a poor-quality job – and you may even need to hire other professionals to fix the damage done by the wrong refinishers.

To help you avoid this costly mistake, below are some tips for picking the right tile and bathtub refinishing company when you are ready to update the look and life of your tub, tile, countertops, etc. To pick the best refinisher for the job, look for refinishing professionals with:

  1. Experience – Start your search by looking for pros who have years of experience doing the refinishing projects you are planning. Fly-by-night refinishers can use cheap products, as well as unconventional (and possibly damaging) methods – and that can end up meaning a low-quality refinish. It may even mean that you need to refinish or replace your tub earlier than you would have had to if you had hired experienced professionals for the job.
  2. Positive customer reviews – Experience with refinishing is just one aspect to look for in refinishing companies. Another is the quality of the customer service and experience they provide, and that can usually be discovered by checking out reviews from former clients. As you search through reviews, try to take your search beyond just a company’s website (where likely only the positive reviews will be featured).
  3. Proof of their good work – In other words, look for before and after pictures that display the final products and final work done by a given company. If a company doesn’t have these available on its website, ask for some. Reputable, established, experienced refinishers should have these readily available for prospective clients.
  4. Transparency – Here, we are referring to transparency not only in the processes and products a company uses but also in the prices it charges and the project schedules. Framed in another way, it’s usually smart to avoid companies that cannot provide clear answers about the nature of the work they will do, the types of products they will be using to complete that work and the way they will be charging you for the work completed.

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