The Countertop refinishing vs Replacing debate is never-ending. On the refinishing side, having them resurfaced correctly can extend the life of that existing countertop by 10-15 years. There are several multi-color options that, when completed, will provide a quartz look without the extra cost. They are very durable and stain resistant. You can obtain seamless countertops while repairing existing damage to the surface (i.e. knife damage, burn marks and large chips)

Countertops that can be refinished
There aren’t many surfaces that can’t be refinished. Tile, laminate, cultured marble and Formica are the most common. Concrete and wood surfaces are able to resurfaced as well. Makes a drastic difference in our home. See for yourself!

Counter 1 Ba

Counter 1 B

Counter 1 Aa

Denver Tub Reglaze in Red

Refinishing takes less time
Your bathroom and kitchen countertops can be completed in one day and need only 24 hours to cure. To replace countertops, assuming they are ready for you immediately (which is very rare), it can take a few days to a week to get them installed (assuming there aren’t any complications).

Refinishing costs up to 60% less than replacement
On average home owners save 30% – 70% on refinishing their existing countertops vs replacing them. As a standard point of reference, get multiple quotes of refinishing vs replacing. Compare warranties, durability, color and service.

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