What should you look and look out for in a Denver bathtub reglazer? Well, there are a few things to research before you hire and bathtub reglazer:


  1. Process: If the new finish is to adhere to the old surface, the technician must rough up the existing surface. This step of their process will help remove soap scum, body oils and open up the pores in the surface.
  2. Product: What is being spraying on the existing surface? Any epoxy? General store paint? Acrylics? If your technician is using anyone of those. RUN! They clearly don’t know what they are doing. Ask where they purchase their chemicals. Do your research.
  3. Reputation: Do they have references? Old and new? Ask if they have worked on commercial sites? High end builders/remodelers tend to high expectations. Are they part of any reputable groups?
  4. Experience: How long have they been in the refinish industry? You’ll have to use your own discretion on this one. Most Denver bathtub reglazers we run into are “fly by night” guys. We will hear about them for a few months and then they vanish, so be sure again to do your research on each company.

If you ask these questions, you will be able to narrow down your choices efficiently.

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