Denver Shower Repair Services

Have you noticed some flaws in your shower? Don’t let small chips turn into bigger ones—let us get your shower back to fully functional so you can enjoy it. Contact us today for a free quote for your chipped or damaged shower pan. We’ll save you the time, hassle, and stress. We’ll also save you money!

Shower Repair – Simple and Affordable

Cracks, chips, and other surface flaws can be stressful and intimidating. We employ a specialized, highly-qualified staff to restore these areas for you. Our customers compliment us time and time again on our quick, reliable, and affordable shower repair services. These include the following:

Shower Stall and Pan Repair

It is hard to enjoy a relaxing shower if you are staring at a damaged stall or a cracked shower pan. You may worry about whether the water will make its way into the foundation, or if what is currently a hairline crack will soon grow into something much bigger. Let us deal with the damage so that you don’t have to. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover how quickly our team can repair your shower.

Terrazzo and Concrete Shower Repair

The beauty of these showers comes from their stone-like design. However, because Terrazzo and Concrete showers are usually installed as the house is being built, cracks and nicks to the surface often begin to show as the house settles. If you attempt to patch these yourself, you will find that it is difficult to restore the right look to these semi-porous areas. We use a special repair process that is specifically designed to clean and repair your shower.

Fiberglass Shower Repair

Fiberglass showers are a popular choice, but you may notice that if you do not use yours daily, or at least on a very regular basis, then spider cracks will develop. This might be the case in a bathroom that sits empty for long stretches at a time such as a guest bathroom. We work on fiberglass shower repairs a lot, so we are familiar with this material and are well-equipped to address these flaws. You have more important things to do!

Acrylic Shower Repair

Acrylic is a great material for shower design. Quality acrylic showers will stand the test of time very well. However, when time does eventually do its damage, you can trust us with this home project instead of setting out to repair it on your own, or to replace the entire shower pan. We take great care of the structural integrity of acrylic tubs because they are so durable and sustainable. Leave the repair to us and you will be singing in a much better shower soon!

Tile Repair Services

If damage occurs to the tile in other parts of your bathroom, give us a call. Our tile repair services include the following:

Shower wall tile and one piece repair

We very commonly repair cracks to tiles on shower walls, on shower stalls, and in bathroom one piece units. Surface work to these areas will enhance the look of the entire space, and can be done by our trained staff in just a short amount of time. Talk to us about updating the look of your grout and tile while we’re there. We can also offer helpful hints about how to clean and care for these areas.

Tile surface and countertop repair

If the countertops and tile surfaces in your kitchen need repair, we are happy to help restore them. Our expertise and craftsmanship extend to all functional parts of the home, including kitchens, utility rooms, basements, custom garages, and more. Consider us when you want to fix various surface damages around your house. We can often repair cracked tiles and chipped areas so that you can get on with life!

So Much More Than Bathrooms

Colorado Tub Repair of Denver honors your home and the care you put into it. We provide superior services, a highly-trained staff, and a low-stress experience to our clients. Give your bathroom, kitchen, or utility room an update today. Call us for a free estimate.

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