Have a chip or crack in your tub? Don’t replace it—let us repair it!

Repair Instead of Replace

Don’t replace your bathtub just because it has a chip, crack, or other surface damage. Most bathtub materials will stand the test of time, so before you take on a costly, time-consuming home project, contact us today for a free estimate for a bathtub repair. This simple process will significantly help prevent deterioration of your surface and enhance the appearance of your space so that you can soak in style!

Make Your Bathtub like New Again

Our team of specialists will repair your tub at a fraction of the price it would cost to replace it. We can provide a new look at a low price—within about an hour, on average! Our customers can’t believe the difference these repairs make not only to their tub, but to their entire bathroom. Check out some of the beautiful results.

Bathtub Repair Services

We provide high-quality repair services that will fix your damaged tub in no time. Our services include the following:

Fiberglass bathtub repair

Cracks and chips become significant in fiberglass bathtubs because this type of tub material tends to wear out quickly. When fiberglass is chipped or cracked, water and regular use can wear that spot down quickly. If these cracks remain unfixed, they will certainly lead to bigger—and more expensive—problems such as the beginning of surface rotting. Our fiberglass bathtub repair process is specifically designed to fix the damage while safeguarding your tub from further scrapes and scratches.

Acrylic bathtub repair

Over time, even the forgiving material of acrylic bathtubs may become cracked. If you try to repair the damage, you may actually cause more damage to the tub without knowing it. Don’t let a short-term fix become a long-term problem. Colorado Tub Repair resolves the surface flaws, provides key support underneath the tub as needed, and ensures that the surface is sanded just right so that little to no sign of damage remains. Celebrate your new and improved acrylic bathtub with a relaxing soak in the suds!

Porcelain bathtub repair

Porcelain tubs are a beautiful addition to any bathroom. The common issue when a porcelain tub is damaged, however, is that water will wear that chipped area down and begin to rust. If not addressed, a cancer rust will develop and grow along the wall or bottom of your bathtub. Therefore, it is important to fix this damage sooner rather than later. Don’t be discouraged! The good news is that our professionals know exactly how to repair the damage and ensure proper adhesion of fresh gloss to the surface area. We repair the damage and restore the tub’s classic beauty.

Specialty bathtub repair

It doesn’t get any better than a nice soak in a beautifully-crafted tub. Specialty tubs such as clawfoot, swirl glass, and jetted tubs can seem particularly intimidating to fix. They must be extra costly and complicated, right? Actually, no! Repairing damage to specialty tubs is our area of expertise. You will be pleasantly surprised at our affordable, efficient, and convenient solutions for your damaged surface.

Colorado Tub Repair of Denver provides superior bathtub refinishing and repairing services to all of Colorado.

Let us give the most functional rooms in your house—the bathroom and kitchen—a brand new look. Our clients can attest to our level of detail, professionalism, and care.

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