About Colorado Tub Repair

Hey there! We’re glad you’re here and would love to tell you a little bit about us—who we are and what makes us the best tub repair business in Colorado.

We are a family-operated team out of Conifer, Colorado with a little over 25 years of combined experience in the surface refinishing and repair industry. Over the years, we’ve built up an incredible and devoted team of specialists who love what they do. We’re kind of like one big, yellow, feathered family.

We deeply value our customers too. You can count on high-quality work, excellent communication, and honest and straightforward advice.

What motivates us to provide excellent service each and every day? Check out our Values. If they resonate with you, give us a call at 303.908.8764. We’d love to see how we can support you with your shower or tub repair, tile refinishing, or walk-in conversion step.

“We set high standards because we believe in producing excellent results.”


Our Values

Cultivate Excellence
In every job we do, we strive for excellence. We will do the best possible work every time, whether the job is big or small, straightforward or complicated. We set high standards because we believe in producing excellent results.

Support One Another
First and foremost, we are a team. Our strength as a company depends on the strengths of each person, and we look out for each other. Our service to the customer will always be consistent because we are not dependent on just one or two people. By working together, we make one hell of an impact.

Work and Play Hard
Our team works well together because we also know how to have a lot of fun together. We’re careful not to overcommit ourselves and lose balance. We have Team Hooky Days where we just go play (essential to a thriving life!). Plus we want to give our fullest and best to the customer, each and every time. By committing that every team member takes two days off a week, we sustain a motivated and high-performing team.

Be Genuine
We believe that the best way to interact is by being honest, straightforward, and respectful. We thrive in authenticity. No games, no smoke and mirrors, just clear and direct communication. If we foresee any limitations in what you want, we will let you know. We want you to be empowered by your decision to invest in your home or project.

Build Strong and Weak Muscles
We focus on our strengths because that’s where we have the greatest influence. And we work to fine-tune those strengths. At the same time, we acknowledge our weak spots and improve on those too. Around here, nobody is hung up on being perfect, because perfection is unattainable and robs us of truly living powerfully with the most impact.

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