About Us


My name is Josh Cutshall and this is my wife, Meagan.Portraittc


We are the owners/operators of Colorado Tub Repair, LLC., Denver’s Bathtub Refinishing specialists. I started working in the refinish industry when I was a young strapping 19 year old hunk. Meagan could not resist my charms and joined me in 2009, giving us over 15 years of combined experience in the refinishing industry. We love what we do. We save our customers time, stress and lots of money.


What I’ve learned through out the years has drastically shaped our service. Refinishing requires a special set of skills and precise steps . But to provide the best the industry has to offer requires excellent material (no mediocre work here), patience and a great work ethic. We pride out selves on being the best in the business, from removing a scratch in your high end acrylic jetted tub to refinishing a pink bathtub and tile surround to a classic white.


We are always looking for honest, hardworking folks to join our team.


Interested? Here is what we are looking for:


Excellent Communication
Hungry to grow
Detail Oriented
Follows instructions yet can adapt to changing circumstances
Sees potential in him/self, his/her circumstances


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