Ooops I dropped a tool in the bathtub while installing new tile and now there’s a huge black chip in the porcelain – crud, now what?

First, resist the urge to curse the home remodeling gods.  Yes, we know it’s ironic and unfair that you invested time, money and energy creating this beautiful new bathroom and now there is a ugly spot in your bathtub. (face palm)  Let’s focus on the solution.  How do you fix it?  White out? Silicone? Nail polish? DIY kit? If you use any of those options, it will cover up the repair – but it will be very noticeable. There are an unlimited shades of white out there. The chances that you’ll have the correct shade on hand are 100/1. You’ll spend more time and money trying to cover up the damage vs just getting it repaired correctly from the start.

Hire a professional bathtub specialist to repair the damage (i.e. us). It will take 30 minutes – 1 hour depending on the damage/ 24 hours for it to fully cure and your set. How will it look? The specialist you hire should be using a high gloss finish to help blend the repair into the shiny porcelain/acrylic finish. Any individual that doesn’t know there was a chip in existence, will never find it. If the finish is taken care of, the repair can last a long as the life of the tub itself.

Save time, money and stress – get the chip repaired correctly, the first time.


Colorado Bathtub in need of Repair

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