If it’s porcelain, fiberglass or even acrylic, a bathtub repair is an inexpensive alternative to replacing the entire tub. Chips & cracks? No problem. Scratches & stains? Fixable. Rust? We can remove it and repair the damaged area. Almond? Bone? No problem. It’s best if the surface has a shine to it. High gloss finishes will blend in beautifully. When a repair is completed professionally and correctly, anyone who looks/uses your bathtub and didn’t know the damage was there, will never even see it.  The repair is dremeled, if necessary. Filled, sanded flush with the existing surface. Acrylic color is matched and sprayed. But if the appropriate materials are not used, the finish can peel quickly or even the filler can pop out. You have to got through each step and not skimp on the material, to be sure it lasts. The repair takes approximately and hour to complete, 24 hours to cure and you’re free to take a long hot soak, damage free. Colorado Bathtub in need of Repair   Bathtub Repaired in Colorado

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