Most Common Bathtub Refinishing Mistakes

Most Common Bathtub Refinishing Mistakes

When you are ready to refinish a bathtub and update its look, the first choices you make in process – whether to do it yourself and, if not, who you’ll hire to oversee the project – can be crucial to the outcome of the project.

That’s because if you decide to do the refinishing project on your own (and you don’t have experience refinishing tubs) or if you hire an inexperienced professional, it’s far more likely that mistakes will be made and that the bathtub refinishing project will end up:

  • Costing more and taking longer to finish
  • Leaving you with less than glowing or stellar results.

To help you make your upcoming bathtub refinishing project a success, below we have identified some of the most common and costly pitfalls that can upset a bathtub refinish:

  1. Cutting corners on the preparation process – The proper preparation is an essential foundation for a good bathtub refinishing job. To properly prepare a tub to be refinished, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned (including the faucet and associated fixtures); then sanded down (to remove the fine dirt particles); and then cleaned again (to remove any residual sanded down debris). Additionally, the old caulking needs to be removed, and plastic sheeting should be carefully set up around the tub (to protect the surround/other features in the bathroom).
  2. Using the wrong products for the refinishing process – Here, we are referring to both the products applied to the tub (e.g., the cleansers, primers, enamels, etc.) and the items used to apply those products to the tub (e.g., the rollers, brushes, etc.). The biggest mistake in using low-quality products is that they will never produce results that look as good as moderate- to high-quality products, and that can mean that you set yourself up for poor results (regardless of the other care or effort you put into the project) when this mistake is made.
  3. Not letting the tub completely dry between refinishing stages – This mistake usually arises from haste to get the job done and/or a lack of understanding about the importance of the drying phase. When the bathtub is not allowed to fully dry between refinishing stages, there’s a far greater chance that the primer and/or enamel coats will not properly adhere to the tub’s surface. While this can make for an unsightly result, it can also prevent the final stages from being completed (if enough moisture remains on the tub’s surface).

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