How to Prevent Mold in Your Bathroom and Kitchen

How to Prevent Mold in Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Because of Colorado’s arid climate, we residents are pretty lucky when it comes to mold issues. Mold loves damp, dark places, and our dry environment can help to prevent these in the home. Mold does grow here, though, and if left untreated, it could become a problem.

Is your knowledge about this topic a little spotty? Pun intended. Let’s fix that.

Facts about Mold

Not only is mold an eye sore, it is a health concern. Breathing in these spores can exacerbate asthma, cause breathing difficulties (particularly in immunocompromised individuals and vulnerable people such as the elderly, children, and pregnant women), and induce allergy symptoms. So, it is important to minimize our exposure to mold as much as possible.

The “good” thing about mold is that it is pretty easy to see and to identify. It usually consists of dark, spotty areas that collect in a certain place. We often see mold as the spores form “clumps” on shower tiles, along the bottom edge of doors, or in the corners of wet linoleum. The most common places to look for mold in the home are those spaces that are consistently wet or exposed to moisture, like the bathtub, bathroom and kitchen tile, and areas around sinks, toilets, and windows.

Mold Prevention

A key way to prevent mold is to provide good ventilation to bathrooms and kitchens (and other areas that are susceptible to it, such as areas in the basement, garage, or crawl space). It is helpful to check for faulty seals on door frames and windows, and to keep surfaces dry. Think about areas in your home, big or small, where water can just sit. Where can it collect? Work to consistently dry out these spaces.

We often work with people who have installed bathtub liners for this purpose, thinking that they would provide a barrier against mold. Bathroom liners are not a good idea. Ironically, they trap moisture underneath and create the perfect condition for those spores! Rather than preventing mold, these liners allow it to thrive.

So, no bathtub liners.

The best way to treat and prevent mold is to be on the lookout for it, and most often the best way to clean it is just to clean it. Get rid of it. Then take steps to prevent it from coming back.

Cleaning Tips

When cleaning mold off of household surfaces, remember that these spores can spread easily. So, wear a mask and make sure there is good airflow in the room (you don’t want so much that the spores blow into other rooms). Use hot water, a clean rag, and a brush to remove and clean the area. Check out more mold cleaning tips here.

It’s tempting to think that harsh chemicals are the answer, but that’s not true. In fact, you probably already have the surprising secret weapon for cleaning your bathroom and kitchen areas.

In addition to cleaning up moldy areas, we can work to prevent the conditions that allow it in the first place. Consider some of these tips and tricks.

Tips for preventing mold:

Increase airflow and ventilation to areas that are often damp or wet
Control moisture levels by keeping humidity levels low
Look for damp, dark areas around your home
Remove any standing water from inside or outside your home
Promptly clean and dry out any area that has been wet (or flooded)

So, in with the clean and out with the mold!

This unsightly issue does not have to become a problem in your home. A few simple steps can make your bathroom and kitchen surfaces clean and mold free.

If you’re on a roll, we also offer a variety of care instructions for how to clean and protect many important surfaces in the home.

The Secret Weapon to Spring Clean Your Bathroom

The Secret Weapon to Spring Clean Your Bathroom

Keep that bathtub sparkling clean!

We happen to be big fans of the bathroom. It’s an important room in the home that serves an important function. From getting ready for the day to relaxing at the end, you spend quality time in your bathroom and it deserves to sparkle and shine.

And there’s nothing like the change in seasons to inspire a good deep clean. Spring is the perfect time to open up the windows, let in the fresh air and light, and tackle those grimy places that like to hide during the darker winter months.

You can find plenty of advice online about how to get rid of the grime and soap residue that tends to build up, especially in the bathtub. But most of that advice is actually counter-productive.

Why? If you use harsh chemicals to clean your bathtub, it might look clean for a little while, but what you’re actually doing is breaking down the tub’s finish, which is the only thing that keeps it clean.

The same is true for most home remedies, like vinegar and lemon juice with baking soda. Anything acidic or abrasive will break down the finish on your tub, which opens up the pores in the porcelain or fiberglass and causes it to absorb all the more readily those microscopic body oils, soap scum, and minerals that make your tub stained and dingy.

It doesn’t make much sense to make your bathtub even dirtier by cleaning it, right? But that’s essentially what you’re doing when you use abrasive cleaners and sponges that scratch the finish.

In fact, we wouldn’t stay nearly as busy if people weren’t using harsh, abrasive cleaning methods in their bathrooms. Don’t get us wrong! We love to help people restore their bathtubs to their original shine and beauty. But we also think people deserve to have all the facts so they aren’t unintentionally ruining the finish.

So . . . What’s the Secret?

What’s the secret to keeping your tub, sink, and toilet clean without destroying the finish?

Dawn Dish Soap.

Yep. That’s the secret weapon. This simple, inexpensive product is marketed for cleaning dirty dishes but also happens to be phenomenal at cutting through shower grime without harming the surface.

If you use a warm, soapy rag and clean and rinse your tile or porcelain surfaces on a regular basis, you’ll never damage the finish and will get to enjoy the full benefits of the protection—and shine—that a good finish provides.

The same is true for acrylic or fiberglass tubs as well. Anything that has a finish on it needs to be treated gently, and needs to be cleaned frequently.

You might be tempted to pull out the heavy duty cleaners for your spring cleaning, but now you know the downside. Here’s our quick list of bathroom cleaning rules that will preserve the finish and keep away the dirt and grime:

  • NEVER use harsh or acidic cleaners (even natural ingredients can be problematic)
  • NEVER use an abrasive scrubbing pad
  • DO use a mild, soapy cleanser like Dawn Dish Soap
  • DO clean with a soft rag
  • ALWAYS rinse thoroughly
  • Repeat regularly!

By the way, if you don’t have a detachable shower head, we recommend purchasing a removable rubber shower head that attaches to the bathtub tap. Now you can quickly and easily rinse off the suds and not worry about leaving behind any residue.

If the finish on your bathtub has already been eroded, give us a call! We can refinish your tub so that it sparkles like new (and now you know how to keep it that way!).

Transform Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Getaway

Transform Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Getaway

The bubble bath: our favorite way to relax.

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to relax after a hard day of work is to take a long soak in a hot tub. But it’s not always easy to find the time for a bath.

Even if you don’t have time for a bath, we still think that the bathroom can be a relaxing escape from the hectic day. That’s why we put together some ideas for how to make your bathroom the most relaxing spot in the house.

Create Ambience with New Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Elegant wall sconces help set the mood.

Lighting is one of the most dramatic ways to change the atmosphere of a room, and the bathroom is no exception. While you may need and appreciate bright lighting in the morning, when you’re getting ready for the day, you can easily make some adjustments that allow you to enjoy more muted lighting in the evenings. Installing a dimmer switch for the overhead lights is a quick and easy way to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

You can also shop around for some new fixtures. Wall sconces in muted shades create a welcome and relaxing contrast to the bright lights of the office and will help you unwind after a long day.

Update the Textiles

Pamper yourself with soft bath towels.

There’s something about a plush, fluffy bath towel that immediately puts people at ease. If you’re like most of us, you’ve been using the same bath towels for a while and may not have noticed that they’ve lost some texture and softness. Shop around for the fluffiest, most luxurious towels you can find, and get a matching rug that will pamper your bare feet. You’re breathing easier already, aren’t you?


Take Inspiration from Nature

Natural decor provides a timeless, relaxing quality to any room. Green plants, smooth stones, candles, or a soothing tabletop fountain are all simple ways you can bring the essence of nature into your bathroom.

Relax with neutral tones inspired by nature.

Switch to a More Relaxing Color Scheme

Regardless of your decor, the colors in your bathroom have a big effect on how relaxing—or not—your environment is. Bright, intense colors suggest vibrance and energy, while more muted or neutral hues create a more calming effect. Not sure what colors put you at ease? You can search for inspiration on color-hex, a site that displays thousands of color palette schemes. Each palette includes hues that both complement and contrast, and may give you ideas you hadn’t considered before.

Relax: Colorado Tub Repair Has Your Back

There’s nothing relaxing about soaking in a tub that is chipped or cracked. For professional refinishing that will leave your tub sparkling, give us a call. We’ll do the heavy lifting (not to mention the cleaning!) so that you can enjoy a relaxing retreat in the comfort of your own home.

Three High-Impact Bathroom Remodel Ideas for 2018

Three High-Impact Bathroom Remodel Ideas for 2018

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to update your bathroom, you’re in luck. 2018 brings some exciting trends for that oh-so-important room. We’ve rounded up our favorites to offer ideas, pictures, and inspiration that will help you make it happen!

Upgrade to 3-Dimensional Bathroom Tile

3-Dimensional Bathroom Tile

There’s a new trend in tile that’s bringing a fresh new look to bathroom walls: 3D tile. You don’t need special glasses to view it, either. Created with varying patterns and depth, this tile has a raised surface that casts shadows and brings texture and life to the walls of your bathroom. From subtle, neutral patterns that mimic natural scenes (think sand dunes or waves) to geometric shapes that pop, the 3D trend in bathroom tile opens up all kinds of possibilities.

Is it easy to clean? Depends on the style and shape. While it’s bound to be a little trickier than say, slick subway tile, we think the aesthetic appeal is worth the extra bit of effort.


Hands-free with a digital faucet

Technology is part of our daily lives, and designers are getting smarter about integrating it into the room where we get started each day: the bathroom. Whether you’re considering a refresh or a remodel, these high-tech enhancements will make a world of difference:

  • Install a Waterproof TV in your bathroom
    Don’t lose your iPad to the tub (or toilet). Safely catch up on the news and weather while you get ready in the morning and keep your phones and tablets out of harm’s way.
  • Upgrade your bathroom cabinets to refrigerated storage
    Keep medicines, creams, or drinks cool right where you need them.
  • Go hands-free with a digital faucet
    Conserve water and simplify your routine by installing a faucet that automatically turns on and off. These high-tech fixtures can help save on your water bill!
  • Get comfortable with a new, high-tech toilet
    These days you can find a toilet that will do almost anything: clean itself, clean you, automatically open and close the lid, spray air freshener . . . the list goes on.

In-floor Heating

In-floor heating for those cold days

Is the shock of cold against your bare feet first thing in the morning part of your wake up routine? If so, it might be time to double up on the caffeine, because cold floors are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. In-floor heating is gaining in popularity, and it’s no wonder—the luxury of a warm and cozy floor that’s also practical and easy to clean? Yes please!

Since in-floor heating is installed underneath the floor tile, a remodel is the perfect time to do it. Installation is fairly simple, too, although you may need to run new wiring from the main circuit panel to the bathroom. Consult a professional beforehand and then get moving quickly on this one. Winter is still here for a few more months!

One More Idea: Save Money!

You might be thinking that all of these ideas sound fabulous, but how are you going to pay for them? Renovations cost money, of course, and that’s where we can help you save. You don’t have to tear out your current bathtub or shower and buy a new one to get a fresh new look. We can refinish your tub or shower for a fraction of the cost. You can change colors or simply brighten up a white tub to make it gleam and sparkle. Save money on the practical updates so you can spend it on the fun ones!

Home Updates for Empty Nesters: 3 Remodel Projects That Can Generate Big Returns for the Investment

Home Update Tips for New Empty Nesters

Home Update Tips for New Empty Nesters

Sending a child off to college or study abroad can be a bittersweet moment for parents. While it can mark an important milestone and achievement, it can also be the first time a child is living away from home for an extended period of time.

For new empty nesters, making some home improvements when children move out can be helpful to updating and reviving certain spaces in the home, allowing parents to make better use of them as living arrangements change and families enter a new chapter of life.

It can also be the key boosting a home’s value if empty nesters may be considering selling their home and downsizing in the coming months (or year).

Home Improvement Ideas for Empty Nesters

  1. Converting bedrooms into versatile spaces – With your children not living in your home for the next few months (or longer), consider converting their bedrooms into a useful space, like a home office, a home gym or an activities room. This room can double as a guest room (when kids come home for breaks or other guests visit). You may even want to consider adding versatile furniture to make this room easy to convert into a new space, based on your family’s evolving needs.
    • Note:  On average, home office additions to a house yield a roughly 40 percent return on the investment.
  2. Updating kitchen countertops – Refinishing the countertops and/or backsplash in your kitchen can go a long way towards updating the look and feel of your kitchen space. It can also be the ideal time to change up the floor plan of your kitchen and/or replace some of the aging major appliances. In fact, if you are only working with a limited remodel budget – and you may be preparing to put your home on the market, you may want to start your updates in the kitchen, which is one of the first spaces prospective typically buyers check out.
    • Note: Kitchen updates can yield as much as a 66 percent return on the investment (particularly if newer major appliances are added).
  3. Refinishing the bathtubs and/or bathroom tile – Just like newly refinished countertops and backsplashes can revive the appearance and feel of a kitchen, newly refinished tile and/or bathtubs can refresh the look and ambience of the bathroom space. When making these updates, it may also be a good time to consider adding in a conversion tub or other features (like shelving, cabinets, or privacy walls) to refine your bathroom space and make it more suitable for the people actually using it.
    • Note: With the right updates, bathroom remodels can yield a roughly 60 percent return on investment.

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4 Ways to Update a Bathroom for Teens Heading Back to School

How to Update a Bathroom for Teens Heading Back to School

How to Update a Bathroom for Teens Heading Back to School

Back to school time can inevitably mean more focus and stress on your home’s bathrooms, especially in the mornings when everyone is rushing around to get ready for school (and work).

To help ease on the extra strain that back-to-school time can add (both on your home’s facilities and the people who are using them), here are some helpful updates to consider making to your home’s bathrooms as you and your family prepare for the new school year:

  1. Enlarge & refinish countertops – Extending  and refinishing your bathroom’s countertops can enliven and open up the vanity area. That can mean that there’s more room for two (or more) people to be getting ready at the same time every morning, cutting down on the fights over who gets the bathroom first (and/or how much time each person spends in the bathroom).
  2. Add separate vanity and/or storage space for males and females – This can help everyone stay organized (and put their own stuff back where it belongs when they’re done getting ready each morning). You can take this bathroom update tip a bit further by getting drawer and/or shelf organizational bins where different toiletries and bathroom items can be stored (and easily moved around).
  3. Add more power – Adding a few more electrical sockets can make it possible for a few people to get ready at the same time, particularly if those people rely on power for their hair dryers, electric shavers, etc. that are part of their grooming process.
  4. Refinish the bathtubRefinishing and reviving the bathtub in your home can make an older guest bathroom a new place for someone to get ready for school (or work) in the morning. It can also provide an opportune time to make some other changes (like creating a more private tub and shower space) that allow multiple people to be in the bathroom getting ready at the same time.

    An added benefit to making this update is that it can also provide a nice end-of-the-day stress release, when a soak in a refinished bathtub can be just what you (and/or other members of your family) need to unwind.

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5 Essential Home Organizational Tips to Ease into the Back-to-School Season

Essential Back-to-School Organizational Tips for Your Home

Essential Back-to-School Organizational Tips for Your Home

With summer winding down and fall just around the corner, kids and young adults alike are preparing to go back to school. For parents helping their children get ready for the upcoming school year, making a few changes around the home space can be essential to easing back into the school mode with minimal stress.

Helpful & Cost-Effective Home Updates for the Back-to-School Season

  1. Create a “landing” space by your home’s entry ways – By (or just off of) an entrance to your home, open up a space where your kids can shed (and store) their school gear, including their backpacks, shoes/coats and equipment for extracurricular activities. Having a dedicated space where your children can leave and keep their school (and sports) gear can make it so much easier to get ready to run out the door in the mornings, especially when there may be a few students in your home (or your kids have a bit more gear to take with them and keep track of on a daily basis).
  2. Reorganize your pantry and/or fridge to make it easy to grab food on the go – Designate a part (or an entire) shelf in your pantry and/or refrigerator to snacks, breakfast items and school lunch items. Having a specific spot for these food items can make it easier not only to get kids fed (and/or loaded up with meals for their day) but also to keep track of what you’re running low on (so you can pick up more supplies on your next grocery trip).
  3. Put a calendar in a central location – On your refrigerator, in your pantry or in some other central location, hang up a calendar where everyone, including the students in your home, can note important events and plans for their schedule.

    Even if you’re keeping track of these events in some other location (like electronically on a smartphone), having an obvious visual reminder can be important to making sure everyone’s aware of certain plans and/or different family members’ availability.

  4. Add organizational bins to the bathroom/laundry room – Specifically, set up a bin system for dirty clothes and laundry (if you don’t already have one). These bins can remind your kids to pick up after themselves while providing a simple method of sorting the dirty clothing that needs to be cleaned.
  5. Update your bathrooms to make it easier for everyone to get ready in the mornings – Whether you have a few children vying for time in the bathroom each morning – or you find yourself battling for bathroom time, updating the bathrooms in your home can make it easier for a few people to share the bathroom at once – or for each person to ready faster (so the next person can get in).

    While we’ll discuss this topic in more depth in our next blog, some quick ideas for back-to-school bathroom updates include (and aren’t limited to):

    • Dedicating certain drawers and/or shelves to each person in your home
    • Changing a glass shower door to a curtain (so someone can shower with privacy while another family member gets ready in front of the vanity)
    • Refinishing the bathtub and shower in an unused bathroom in your home (to open it up for someone to use each morning).

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Choosing the Right Bathtub Refinishing Pros: 7 Questions to Ask before You Hire a Pro

Choosing the Right Bathtub Refinishing Pros: Questions to Ask before You Hire a Pro

Choosing the Right Bathtub Refinishing Pros: Questions to Ask before You Hire a Pro

When interviewing professionals to refinish your bathtub – or do any other work on your home, asking certain questions can uncover more about each candidate’s experience, work product and services. Here are some of the most important questions to ask during this process so that you can find out who may be the right (or wrong) person for the job:

  1. What credentials do you have? – Make sure the contractor has the appropriate licensing, as well as insurance coverage.
  2. How long have you been in business? – Experience matters, so be sure to get a specific answer here. Established contractors will have the insight and knowledge to get the job done right, in the most efficient manner possible.
  3. Do you have examples of prior work I can see? – Ask to see before/after pictures or portfolios. Beware of a contractor who doesn’t have any prior work to show you.
  4. Do you have references I can call? – References can include prior clients, colleagues, etc. If references aren’t available, ask to see client reviews or feedback. Again, beware of contractors who can’t provide you with any reviews or references who can attest to the quality of their work and services.
  5. What types of materials do you use? – Answers provided to this question can speak to contractors’ experience (if they are – or aren’t – able to immediately list the materials), as well as the quality of their work product (if they aren’t using quality materials, the product won’t be quality either).
  6. What are you going to charge? – Get detailed quotes and compare them to industry rates. Find out what exactly you’ll receive for the price you’re paying, as well as whether any additional offerings (like warranties) are provided.
  7. Why are you the best choice for my project? – This can be a revealing answer, especially when you compare the answers given by different contractors. Quality professionals will have honest, compelling responses that go beyond simply “we’re the best.”

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Are you ready to refinish the bathtubs, tile and/or countertops in your home? If so, contact the Denver bathtub refinishing pros at Colorado Tub Repair for a free quote. Call (303) 908-8764 or email us using the contact form located here.

How to Avoid Getting Burned by Your Home Contractor: 8 Signs that a Contractor May Be a Con

Signs a Contractor May Be a Con

Signs a Contractor May Be a Con

Hiring professionals to work on your home can be a tricky process. While there are plenty of reputable contractors out there who do good work, there are also plenty of inexperienced, unethical and just plain shady people who are looking to make a quick buck.

To make sure that you don’t get conned by the next pro you hire, here are some important red flags to look for when you’re getting ready to retain a home contractor.

Be suspicious of contractors who:

  1. Won’t show you their credentials – This is a big red flag, as any pro with a good reputation will have no problem providing copies of their credentials (and insurance coverage) upfront.
  2. Lack any reviews – This can be a sign of little to no experience. It may also indicate that an individual (or company) has popped up overnight. Hiring unestablished pros or businesses can be risky, as you can be gambling with the quality of work.
  3. Have bad reviews – The only thing worse than no reviews is poor reviews. And while a pro or company may have one or two less-than-favorable reviews, beware of any individual (or company) that has more bad than good reviews.
  4. Don’t have portfolios of work to show you – Examples of the prior work a pro or company has done can speak volumes about the quality of services they provide – and their confidence in being able to do the same for you. So, beware of any pro or business that doesn’t have a portfolio to share with you.
  5. Pressure you into hiring them ASAP –Take high-pressure tactics as a bad sign. High-quality, experienced professionals will let their work, reviews and portfolio speak for themselves, rather than using sneaky or high-pressure tactics to try to close the deal.
  6. Try to sell you on items you don’t want or need – The oversell can be a red flag that a contractor is not honest and is only focused on profit (rather than providing quality work and services). Hiring a less than honest contractor can mean that corners get cut, you end up with a shoddy product and/or you end up paying way more than you should for what you get.
  7. Ask for payment without a contract – If you don’t have a contract, it’ll be difficult to know exactly what you’re paying for – and what you can expect to receive. Contractors who push you for payment without providing a service contract can end up providing the minimum (if any) service.
  8. Give you a bad feeling – Always trust your instinct. After all, the contractor you hire will be in your home, possibly for days (or longer). If you get a bad feeling when meeting with a contractor for the first time, trust your gut, and look for a different professional.

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How to Find the Right Bathtub Refinisher (& Home Repair Contractor): 6 Essential Tips

How to Find the Right Bathtub Refinisher (& Home Repair Contractor)

How to Find the Right Bathtub Refinisher (& Home Repair Contractor)

When you’re ready to refinish the tile, countertops and tubs in your home (or complete other renovations), hiring the right professionals can be key to ensuring that the job is done properly – and that it doesn’t end up costing you more time, money and stress in the process.

To help you find you the right pros for your next project, here are some essential tips to keep in mind as you decide who to hire:

  1. Get referrals – Ask family, friends, etc. for recommendations. When looking for referrals, be sure to ask the person who’s providing the recommendation whether (s)he would use that professional or company again and what (if any) negative experiences (s)he had with the pro/business.
  2. Check licensing and credentials – Once you have a list of options to choose from, do some more digging to find out if the pros/businesses you are considering have the proper licensing and credentials to perform the services they provide. While you can check companies’ websites for this info, it’s also a good idea to verify it with third-party sources (like, for instance, the Better Business Bureau).
  3. Look at portfolios of past work – As you continue to narrow down your options, check out the prior work each pro/company has completed. Look for before and after pictures. Visit the company showroom (if there is one). Quality, trustworthy, and experienced professionals will have examples of their prior work to share with you.
  4. Check online reviews – Even if you were referred to a professional or company, checking out additional reviews (like those posted online) can be important to getting the full picture and really understanding how quality (or not) a certain pro/company may be.
  5. Meet with your top choices – Face-to-face meetings can make all of the difference when you’re evaluating contractors to hire to work on your home. So schedule a meeting with each of your top options. This will not only reveal who is eager to get the job (and available/willing to meet with you and answer your questions), but it can also help you get a feel for who seems more professional and trustworthy.
  6. Get quotes – When you’ve narrowed down your options to a few contractors or companies, ask each to provide you with a bid for the services/work you want completed. While you, of course, want to look for competitive pricing, be sure to keep an eye out for “value-added” features, like warranties.

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