Not very many know there is an alternative to ugly tile replacement. You have a bathtub tile surround that is in amazing shape. Installed in the 70’s or 80’s and still has the shiny new finish on it…..but it’s avocado green or canary yellow. YUCK! Do you really need to spend thousands to tear all that out and replace? Let alone work around the time required to complete that expensive project?

Get your ugly tile REFINISHED! Your tile is a perfect candidate for a refinish, just be sure your tile and grout are in good shape. What about fiberglass? Or cultured marble? Yep! Those too. You can change it to a classic white and match your sink or tub. Or even update the entire look of your bathroom with a classy multi-color finish. The refinish will make a drastic difference in your bathroom without the outrageous cost or time needed to complete it.


Before, a 1980’s mess of swirls…


After, a beautifully refinished bathtub!

Get a free estimate today & get on your way to giving your kitchen or bathroom a fresh new look!