You don’t have to break the bank to give your bathroom a fresh, new look. In fact, here are some budget-friendly bathroom update ideas that can change the look and feel of your bathrooms:

  • Ready to spruce up your boring bathroom on a budget? Here are some simple things you can do. Contact us for a free bathtub refinishing quote.

    Ready to spruce up your boring bathroom on a budget? Here are some simple things you can do. Contact us for a free bathtub refinishing quote.

    Add salvaged shutters by your tub – Lending a shabby chic feel to bathrooms, salvaged shutters can also divide the bathroom space in a new way, possibly even creating more privacy for the tub area.

  • Change up the flooring – Have a tiled bathroom? Why not replace it with pebbled tile or wood planking? While you may only want to change up a portion of the flooring if you are under a time or budget crunch, switching up the entire floor can alter the entire appearance and feel of your bathroom.
  • Switch out your sink or sink stand – Have a cabinet beneath your sink? Or a larger sink base? Try switching out this base for a pedestal so that your sink takes up less room, opening up your bathroom. If you need the storage space provided by the cabinet, consider adding shelves or a cabinet right outside of the bathroom (so you can leave as much open space as possible within the bathroom).
  • Change the shape or position of the mirrors – Consider changing flat mirrors to beveled ones, square mirrors to round ones or possibly leaving in the mirrors you have now and adding in some more to make the bathroom space more dynamic. Altering the mirror scheme in your bathroom can go a long way towards changing the way the space within that room feels.
  • Change your lighting & lighting fixtures – Have overhead lighting in your bathroom? Consider changing to wall lighting, updating the overhead fixtures or even simply changing the type of bulbs you use to alter the lighting scheme in your bathroom. Different lighting, particularly when coupled with some of the above changes, can also lend a fresh look and feel to a bathroom.

Want to Take Your Bathroom Update to the Next Level? Refinish Your Tub…

Updating the features around a tub may not always be sufficient to truly refresh the look and feel of bathrooms – especially if an older eyesore of a bathtub remains the centerpiece of the room. If you are ready to take your bathroom updates to the next level, refinishing your bathtub can be a great move, costing less than it would to replace your tub while giving it a new look and new life.

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