When remodeling your bathroom and kitchen, one of the important decisions you may have to make is whether to replace or refinish the existing tile. There can, of course, be benefits to both options, but if you don’t know much about tile refinishing, consider the following benefits it can provide.

Benefits of Tile Refinishing

1 – Tile refinishing is easier than replacing tire.

Refinishing doesn’t require that old tile be removed and that new tile be painstakingly laid down. Instead, the existing tile can remain in place, cutting out some of the more complicated/time-consuming steps of tile replacement.

This, in turn, can mean that, while tile replacement can take weeks (or longer), tile refinishing can be done within a matter of days (depending on how much tile in your home needs to be refinished).

2 – It’s cheaper too.

In fact, tile refinishing can save people as much as 70 percent of the cost of tile replacement. This means that you can save a lot more on your remodeling costs, possibly letting you do more things – like buy new fixtures or other hardware/appliances that you may not have otherwise been able to afford.

3 – Tile refinishing is a durable way to update the look of your bathroom and kitchen.

While tile refinishing can give any room a facelift – breathing some new life into a bathroom and/or kitchen, it can also last a long time (as long as, of course, the proper tile maintenance is performed). Specifically, refinished tile can extend the life of tile for as much as 10 to 15 years.

4 – It’s also eco-friendly.

If you opt to refinish your tile, rather than replace it, that’s less damaged tile that will be thrown into landfills. In other words, think of tile refinishing as an effective way to recycle and reuse (rather than replace and throw away).

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