Fun & Budget-Friendly Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Bathroom

Fun & Budget-Friendly Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Bathroom

‘Tis the season for spreading good cheer, giving gifts and celebrating the holidays with loved ones.

If celebrating the holidays this year also means that you are putting on a Christmas party, then ‘tis also the season to decorate and get your home ready for guests.

As you go to work preparing your home, here are some fun ways to add some warmth and holiday cheer to your bathroom:

  1. Add a festive toilet seat cover – Replace your current cover (or simply add a cover) with one that is red or green or that displays a fun Christmas scene. Add a matching floor mat around the base of the toilet to tie the look together.Budget tipInstead of buying a new cover and mat, you could also add some unused tree ornaments, candles and other decorations to the back of the toilet/top of the toilet tank.
  2. Add Christmas lights around the vanity – One string of white or colored lights around the mirror or vanity in a bathroom can add some more Christmas cheer, as well as some soft, welcoming lighting.

    Budget tipIf you have already used all of your Christmas lights and don’t want to purchase any more, you can get a similar soft, warm lighting effect by adding some candles to the vanity area.

  3. Change out your shower curtain – And add one that promotes the Christmas spirit in your bathroom.

    Budget tipInstead of buying a new shower curtain, you can also spruce up your current one, adding a festive touch to it by hanging a few water resistant ornaments from the o-rings holding up the curtain.

  4. Replace the soap/soap dispensers with Christmas soaps/dispensers – Get soaps that are shaped or smell like common Christmas items (trees, candy, etc.). Or change out your soap dispensers for ones that are Christmas themed.

    Budget tip – If you don’t want to buy new soap dispensers, add a Christmas touch to them by tying some festive Christmas colored ribbons around them. If your dispenser is longer and taller, try wrapping red ribbon around it to make it look like a candy cane.

Enhance the Décor by Refinishing the Tile & Tub

If Christmas decorations are not enough to spruce up your bathroom and make it guest-friendly, it may be time to refinish your bathtub and/or tile. Refinishing is less expensive than you think, and it can be done within a few days.

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