Cost-Effective Ways to Update a Bathroom for 2016

Cost-Effective Ways to Update a Bathroom for 2016

The New Year can be a time of evaluation and reflection, when people think about how they want to improve certain aspects of their lives and then make resolutions to reach those goals in the coming months.

If your resolutions for 2016 involve updating and beautifying your living space, here are some ways to stretch your budget and cost effectively renovate your home’s bathrooms:

  1. Refinish the bathtub – If your bathtub is no longer a place where you feel comfortable or enjoy bathing (due to, for example, rusting or other damage), bathtub refinishing can give your tub new life, as well as a new look. As we pointed out in a recent blog, refinishing is generally a more-cost effective alternative to replacing tubs, and the process can be completed far more quickly, minimizing the time you are out one bathroom in your home.
  2. Refinish the tile & the countertops – The benefits of refinishing are not limited to your bathtub. If the unsightly areas of your bathroom extend to the tile and/or countertops in your bathroom, these too can be refinished, rather than replaced, affording you the same benefits as bathtub refinishing.
  3. Change your lighting scheme – Believe it or not, how your bathroom is lit can change the feel of the entire room. So when you are ready to update your bathrooms, at the very least, consider changing out the bulbs to affect new lighting. For a more dramatic difference, replace the lighting fixtures and consider moving them to different locations to develop a new lighting scheme for the room.
  4. Replace other fixtures, linens and other small items – With the money you saved refinishing your bathtub, tile and/or countertops, consider replacing some of the other smaller fixtures in your bathroom, such as the toilet paper holder, the switch plates or even the faucet handles. Similarly, getting new towels, a new shower curtain and other smaller items can put the finishing touches on your bathroom, giving it a brand new look and feel you can enjoy in 2016.

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