Bath Safety Features that Can Be Installed after a Bathtub Refinish

Bath Safety Features that Can Be Installed after a Bathtub Refinish

For elderly people, people with mobility issues and children, adding certain safety features in and around bathtubs can be essential to reducing the risk of harmful slip and falls in the bathroom.

Here are some of the most useful bathroom safety features that our refinishing professionals can install during or after a tile or tub refinishing:

  1. Conversion steps and doorsAdding conversion steps (with or without a door) to a newly refinished tub can eliminate the need to step over higher tub edges.
  2. Grab bars – Installing grab bars in and outside of bathtubs (as well as around toilet areas) can provide some extra support for those who may need it when entering or exiting tubs.
  3. No-slip linings – After refinishing a tub, our pros can also add no-slip linings to tubs, providing more traction during shower and bath time.
  4. Safety seats in tubs – For individuals with weak or impaired leg muscles, adding safety seats in tubs and showers can be another option for enhancing bathroom safety and minimizing falling risks.

Other items that can promote bathroom safety by reducing the risk of slip and falls include (but are by no means limited to):

  • No-slip rugs – Add these around tubs, toilets and sinks where water can pool up.
  • New shower doors or curtains – If it’s been some time since you have replaced the door or curtain on your shower, doing so can help prevent water leakages from showers.

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