Cost-effective ways to decorate your bathroom for Thanksgiving

Cost-effective ways to decorate your bathroom for Thanksgiving

If you will be hosting your family’s Thanksgiving celebrations this year and you want to go the extra mile with your festivities, why not decorate one or more of your bathrooms? The following are some simple, low-cost ways to spice up a bathroom for Thanksgiving and make this year’s party one to remember.

Decorate Your Bathrooms for Thanksgiving With…

  1. Pumpkin soaps and soap dispensers – This is a relatively cheap and fun way to bring both the smells and sights of fall into your bathroom. While you can keep it simple with a few pumpkin hand soaps or a small pumpkin soap dispenser, you could take this to the next level by adding some pumpkin spice scented shower soaps also.
  2. Fall colored towels – Add a green, brown and/or orange towel color scheme to your bathroom. You could keep this exclusive to the hand towels if you want to extend your decorating budget as far as possible.
  3. Faux fall leaf garlands around shelving – If you have some shelving or hooks in your bathroom, another fun way to add the feel of Thanksgiving can be to add a faux fall leaf strand around these wall features. You could even go an extra step and add some mini pumpkins to your shelving, the back of your toilet and/or the vanity.
  4. Pine cones and fall candles – Pine cones in a glass jar, coupled with fall-scented candles, can also bring the Thanksgiving spirit to your bathroom. If you are crafty or want to add a personal touch, spray the pine cones with a gold glitter flake.

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