4 Ways to Update a Bathroom for Teens Heading Back to School

How to Update a Bathroom for Teens Heading Back to School

How to Update a Bathroom for Teens Heading Back to School

Back to school time can inevitably mean more focus and stress on your home’s bathrooms, especially in the mornings when everyone is rushing around to get ready for school (and work).

To help ease on the extra strain that back-to-school time can add (both on your home’s facilities and the people who are using them), here are some helpful updates to consider making to your home’s bathrooms as you and your family prepare for the new school year:

  1. Enlarge & refinish countertops – Extending  and refinishing your bathroom’s countertops can enliven and open up the vanity area. That can mean that there’s more room for two (or more) people to be getting ready at the same time every morning, cutting down on the fights over who gets the bathroom first (and/or how much time each person spends in the bathroom).
  2. Add separate vanity and/or storage space for males and females – This can help everyone stay organized (and put their own stuff back where it belongs when they’re done getting ready each morning). You can take this bathroom update tip a bit further by getting drawer and/or shelf organizational bins where different toiletries and bathroom items can be stored (and easily moved around).
  3. Add more power – Adding a few more electrical sockets can make it possible for a few people to get ready at the same time, particularly if those people rely on power for their hair dryers, electric shavers, etc. that are part of their grooming process.
  4. Refinish the bathtubRefinishing and reviving the bathtub in your home can make an older guest bathroom a new place for someone to get ready for school (or work) in the morning. It can also provide an opportune time to make some other changes (like creating a more private tub and shower space) that allow multiple people to be in the bathroom getting ready at the same time.

    An added benefit to making this update is that it can also provide a nice end-of-the-day stress release, when a soak in a refinished bathtub can be just what you (and/or other members of your family) need to unwind.

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5 Essential Home Organizational Tips to Ease into the Back-to-School Season

Essential Back-to-School Organizational Tips for Your Home

Essential Back-to-School Organizational Tips for Your Home

With summer winding down and fall just around the corner, kids and young adults alike are preparing to go back to school. For parents helping their children get ready for the upcoming school year, making a few changes around the home space can be essential to easing back into the school mode with minimal stress.

Helpful & Cost-Effective Home Updates for the Back-to-School Season

  1. Create a “landing” space by your home’s entry ways – By (or just off of) an entrance to your home, open up a space where your kids can shed (and store) their school gear, including their backpacks, shoes/coats and equipment for extracurricular activities. Having a dedicated space where your children can leave and keep their school (and sports) gear can make it so much easier to get ready to run out the door in the mornings, especially when there may be a few students in your home (or your kids have a bit more gear to take with them and keep track of on a daily basis).
  2. Reorganize your pantry and/or fridge to make it easy to grab food on the go – Designate a part (or an entire) shelf in your pantry and/or refrigerator to snacks, breakfast items and school lunch items. Having a specific spot for these food items can make it easier not only to get kids fed (and/or loaded up with meals for their day) but also to keep track of what you’re running low on (so you can pick up more supplies on your next grocery trip).
  3. Put a calendar in a central location – On your refrigerator, in your pantry or in some other central location, hang up a calendar where everyone, including the students in your home, can note important events and plans for their schedule.

    Even if you’re keeping track of these events in some other location (like electronically on a smartphone), having an obvious visual reminder can be important to making sure everyone’s aware of certain plans and/or different family members’ availability.

  4. Add organizational bins to the bathroom/laundry room – Specifically, set up a bin system for dirty clothes and laundry (if you don’t already have one). These bins can remind your kids to pick up after themselves while providing a simple method of sorting the dirty clothing that needs to be cleaned.
  5. Update your bathrooms to make it easier for everyone to get ready in the mornings – Whether you have a few children vying for time in the bathroom each morning – or you find yourself battling for bathroom time, updating the bathrooms in your home can make it easier for a few people to share the bathroom at once – or for each person to ready faster (so the next person can get in).

    While we’ll discuss this topic in more depth in our next blog, some quick ideas for back-to-school bathroom updates include (and aren’t limited to):

    • Dedicating certain drawers and/or shelves to each person in your home
    • Changing a glass shower door to a curtain (so someone can shower with privacy while another family member gets ready in front of the vanity)
    • Refinishing the bathtub and shower in an unused bathroom in your home (to open it up for someone to use each morning).

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