4 Reasons to Use Your Tax Refund to Refinish Your Tub

Reasons to Use Your Tax Refund to Refinish Your Tub

Reasons to Use Your Tax Refund to Refinish Your Tub

Spring is a great time to get rid of the old and welcome the new. If you have owned your bathtubs for more than 10 years or so – and they are starting to look damaged, worn and dirty, refinishing your tubs, rather than replacing them, can be a cost-effective way to get rid of the old look and spruce up your bathrooms for spring while making your dollars go as far as possible.

In fact, if you have (or are expecting) a tax refund and you are focused on investing that money effectively to improve your home, here are some of the top reasons to consider using those funds to refinish your bathtub:

  1. Refinishing your tub is a cost-effective way to update the look of your bathroom – In fact, while a bathtub refinishing can make the surface of a tub look like new again, it can also involve updating the color of the tub (and the surrounding tile). This can give a bathroom an entire new look and feel, effectively providing the benefits of a remodel for a fraction of the cost.
  2. Refinishing tubs is far cheaper than replacing them – And that can end up meaning that more of your refund (or renovation budget) can go towards other things, like replacing the sink/vanity, getting new lights and/or switches, purchasing new linens, etc.
  3. Refinishing a tub can extend its life for years – Actually, refinishing your tub can add at least 10 years to its life, making this a great long-term investment.
  4. Refinishing your tub and updating your bathroom can increase the value of your home – And if you are thinking about putting your home on the market soon, this may be the most important reason to refinish your tub, rather than replace it.

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How to Spruce Up Your Bathroom in Less than 15 Minutes

How to Clean a Bathroom in Less than 15 Mins.

How to Clean a Bathroom in Less than 15 Mins.

While the Spring season can be a good time to thoroughly clean the bathrooms in your home, you may not necessarily have time for careful bathroom cleanings. And when time is limited – like when you may be preparing for Easter guests to visit, having a quick clean-up fix for your bathrooms can be invaluable, cutting down your stress levels as you get ready.

So, here are some essential quick-fix bathroom cleaning tips that can help you get your bathrooms ready for visitors in less than 15 minutes:

  • Remove the garbage and put away the clutter – First and foremost, get rid of any garbage, clothing or other items that are thrown on the floors, lingering around the sink/tub, etc. This can be a good task for children to help with as you get ready for the next step, which is to…
  • Rinse & wipe down the tub and sink – If spraying the tub and sink with water and wiping them down is not removing the unsightly dirt, soap scum and other debris, use a sponge and some non-abrasive dish soap (like Dawn) to more effectively clean these areas.
  • Do a quick toilet cleaning – This doesn’t have to take long and generally involves adding soap the toilet bowl, letting it sit for a moment, and then giving it a flush.
  • Wipe down the mirror(s) – A quick mirror wipe down can really spruce up a bathroom, and it may even reveal some other dirty spots that you want to pay attention to you before you wrap up your quick cleaning.
  • Vacuum or sweep the floor – And don’t forget to get behind the toilet, in the corners, behind the bathroom door(s), and other places where dust and debris can easily build up.

A Few Pro Tips to Help

  • Keep all of your bathroom cleaning supplies together, preferably in a caddy so you can get to cleaning (and finishing it up) ASAP.
  • Make these quick cleanings a habit. The more often you do them, the faster they can go (as there will be less built up mess/dirt to have to deal with if you are regularly removing it).

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When cleaning your bathroom is not enough to mask an old, damaged tub, it may be time to consider refinishing your bathtub to give a fresh look and new life.

For a free bathtub refinishing quote from the professionals at Colorado Tub Repair, call (303) 908-8764 or click here. You can also email us using the contact form located here.

An Essential Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

An Essential Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

An Essential Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is just around the corner, and for many people, that means it’s time for some serious spring cleaning.

While you may have big plans to get various parts of your home in order this year, if your spring cleaning will involve your bathroom, here is a helpful checklist to use when you are ready to get started.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning: What to Do

  • Get rid of the garbage – In addition to the garbage in waste baskets, remove other garbage that may be lingering in drawers or cabinets, on shelves, etc. A good rule of thumb to follow when you are wondering whether to throw something away or not is to get rid of it if you have not used in within the past 8 months.
  • Get rid of the clutter – Lots of things that don’t necessarily belong in the bathroom can end up getting stored there over time. So, take a critical look at the items in your bathroom and decide whether they actually need to be there (versus whether they can be stored in a roomier, more appropriate place in your home).
  • Replace old, stained linens – If it’s been more than a few years since you have replaced the linens (e.g., towels, rugs, etc.) in your bathroom – and if these items are stained and/or get a lot of use, now’s the time to replace them.
  • Shake out and/or wash rugs and/or shower curtains – For the rugs by your tub, around your toilet and/or by your vanity – as well as for other items like shower curtains, take them outside, shake them off and then wash them (according to the manufacturer’s instructions). A simple washing can really brighten up these bathroom features.
  • Carefully clean the tub, sink and toilet – And do so using non-abrasive, non-caustic cleansers so that you are effectively removing the dirt without damaging the surfaces of these features.
  • Carefully clean the other fixtures – Other smaller features to clean can include (but may not be limited to) the faucets, the shelves, the mirrors, the light switches, etc.
  • Don’t forget about the ceilings and corners – Using a duster with a handle, be sure to clean the dust bunnies and other dirt that has accumulated in the corners and/or around the ceilings of your bathroom(s).

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While the above checklist can help you thoroughly clean your bathroom, there may be little you can do to spruce up an old, unsightly tub that is showing years of water damage.

If you are to take your spring cleaning to the next level and refinish the bathtub in your home, contact Colorado Tub Repair today for a free bathtub refinishing quote.

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