5 Bathroom Beautification Tips from Hotel Pros

Bathroom Beautification Tips from Hotel Pros

Bathroom Beautification Tips from Hotel Pros

The holiday season is upon us. For many people, this means that it’s time to get presents for loved ones. For others, it may also mean that now is the time to start preparing their home for guests who will be visiting (or staying with) them at Christmas time.

If you are among those who will be welcoming holiday guests in your home this year, one the essential places that will have to be prepped will be the bathroom.

To help you get your bathroom ready, here are some essential bathroom beautification tips from hotel industry professionals.

How to Prep Your Bathroom for Holiday Visitors

  1. Start with cleaning – As simple and obvious as it sounds, thoroughly cleaning your bathroom is one of the best first steps to take when you are getting ready to welcome houseguests. A good cleaning should include scrubbing places that may not get cleaned in your day-to-day (or weekly) cleaning sessions, such as the tile grout, around the base of the tub/toilet and around lighting fixtures. Getting these commonly overlooked spots can significantly brighten up a bathroom.
  2. Update the lighting – If it’s been a while since you have replaced the light bulbs in your bathroom, now is the time to do so. And while doing this, consider getting different types of bulbs (or maybe even new lighting fixtures) to spruce up the look and feel of your bathroom.
  3. Get new linens – While this can simply be a new set of towels (bath and/or hand towels) for your guests, you can also take this a step further and replace the mat outside of your tub and/or around your toilet. If you really want to welcome your guests with luxury, you could also provide plush new bathrobes for them.
  4. Add some luxurious travel toiletries – Get some nice, travel-sized shampoo, soap and other toiletries to provide a hotel-esque welcoming experience. If you want to take this offering a step further, you could even customize these soaps/toiletries.
  5. Don’t forget the personal touches – Think about who your guests are and what else may enhance their comfort in your bathroom. For instance, if you will have elderly loved ones staying with you, installing a temporary grip to assist them in entering/getting out of the shower can be helpful. Or, if you will have younger guests, add a few festive bath toys (or travel bubble bath) to the bathroom. These personalized touches can warm your guests hearts as they see you have taken care to make them feel as welcome as possible.

Not Enough? Consider Refinishing the Tile and/or Tub in Your Bathroom

If the above tips are not sufficient to prepare your bathroom for guests, it may be time to refinish the tile and/or bathtub in your bathroom. Refinishing these elements can make them appear new for a fraction of the cost of replacement. And the process can be done within days so that you have minimal disruptions in your home as you prepare for the holidays.

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4 Accents to Decorate Your Bathroom for Thanksgiving

Cost-effective ways to decorate your bathroom for Thanksgiving

Cost-effective ways to decorate your bathroom for Thanksgiving

If you will be hosting your family’s Thanksgiving celebrations this year and you want to go the extra mile with your festivities, why not decorate one or more of your bathrooms? The following are some simple, low-cost ways to spice up a bathroom for Thanksgiving and make this year’s party one to remember.

Decorate Your Bathrooms for Thanksgiving With…

  1. Pumpkin soaps and soap dispensers – This is a relatively cheap and fun way to bring both the smells and sights of fall into your bathroom. While you can keep it simple with a few pumpkin hand soaps or a small pumpkin soap dispenser, you could take this to the next level by adding some pumpkin spice scented shower soaps also.
  2. Fall colored towels – Add a green, brown and/or orange towel color scheme to your bathroom. You could keep this exclusive to the hand towels if you want to extend your decorating budget as far as possible.
  3. Faux fall leaf garlands around shelving – If you have some shelving or hooks in your bathroom, another fun way to add the feel of Thanksgiving can be to add a faux fall leaf strand around these wall features. You could even go an extra step and add some mini pumpkins to your shelving, the back of your toilet and/or the vanity.
  4. Pine cones and fall candles – Pine cones in a glass jar, coupled with fall-scented candles, can also bring the Thanksgiving spirit to your bathroom. If you are crafty or want to add a personal touch, spray the pine cones with a gold glitter flake.

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How to Update Your Tub Surrounding: 6 Steps

Steps to updating a tub surrounding

Steps to updating a tub surrounding

While time and daily use can wear down your bathtub and shower, it can also start to deteriorate the surroundings of tubs, causing tiles to come loose, colors to fade and the appearance to be less than appealing.

When you are ready to update the surrounding walls, here are the essential steps to take:

  1. Start with flat, structurally sound, clean walls – If the walls are not flat, glue down any loose tiles; if there are a lot of loose tiles, remove them, and cover the wall with water-resistant drywall.
  2. Prep the area around the walls – This includes laying down cardboard in the tub, putting plastic sheeting over the tub, and removing the showerhead, faucet handles and tub spout. If there is any shelving, racks or soap dishes on the walls that will be updated, remove these fixtures also.
  3. Sand the walls – As you do this, remember to wear eye protection, and remove any remaining sanding dust with a damp cloth to keep the surface clean.
  4. Measure out the materials to be applied – This step will vary according to the type of material you will be applying to your walls. If you will be updating with wall paneling, cut out the proper panel sizes with a circular saw or a router. Cut out holes for features you want to mount to the new walls (like soap dishes, towel racks, etc.).
  5. Apply silicon adhesive to the wall and start laying the materials – Apply the glue in a grid pattern, and firmly press the materials (panels/tile) to the wall.
  6. Install your decorative molding and let the adhesive set – Put up any decorative molding or trim if desired and let the silicon adhesive set for at least 24 hours.

What can really complement a new tub surrounding is a newly refinished bathtub. In fact, the combination of these updates can breathe new life into a bathroom, changing the feel of the room and making it far more attractive.

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