Bathtub Repair – Chips, cracks, scratches and stains

If it’s porcelain, fiberglass or even acrylic, a bathtub repair is an inexpensive alternative to replacing the entire tub. Chips & cracks? No problem. Scratches & stains? Fixable. Rust? We can remove it and repair the damaged area. Almond? Bone? No problem. It’s best if the surface has a shine to it. High gloss finishes will blend in beautifully. When a repair is completed professionally and correctly, anyone who looks/uses your bathtub and didn’t know the damage was there, will never even see it.  The repair is dremeled, if necessary. Filled, sanded flush with the existing surface. Acrylic color is matched and sprayed. But if the appropriate materials are not used, the finish can peel quickly or even the filler can pop out. You have to got through each step and not skimp on the material, to be sure it lasts. The repair takes approximately and hour to complete, 24 hours to cure and you’re free to take a long hot soak, damage free. Colorado Bathtub in need of Repair   Bathtub Repaired in Colorado

Bathtub Repair DIY vs Professional

When you’re considering your Bathtub Repair, DIY vs Professional comes into question.  Many times we have been called in to fix a DIY job which ends up costing a homeowner more money than they would have originally paid to hire a professional (usually with quite a few more headaches as well.)

We have had over a decade of experience with do-it-yourself bathtub repair vs professional bathtub restoration. Here is what we have discovered.

DIY Bathtub Repair

  • Incorrect material – Most DIY bathtub repair kits use weak chemical. We have repaired thousands of DIY kit attempts. Each repair will flake right off with a finger nail. That’s no way to repair a bathtub.
  • Incorrect color – DIY kits have a standard color and the more expensive ones have a few extra drops to help shade the finish. Unless you are practiced in these colors, you’ll run out of the material before you get a accurate shade of color
  • Inconvenient – Some kits require days to apply let alone cure. We have seen others, that have not been mixed just right, so they never fully cured. That resulted in a gummy finish that collected dirt.
  • Cheap – DIY kits can cost about half the price of a professional, not including your time.
  • No warranty


Professional Bathtub Repair

  • Material – When your bathtub is correctly repaired, the professional will walk you through the details. Dremel (if necessary), filler, sand, primer, urethan acrylic top coat. When these steps are followed correctly, you won’t be able to flick it off with a finger nail.
  • Color – A professional repair will blend in well, especially if the bathtub has a glossy finish to it still. For our repairs, if someone doesn’t knew the damage was there, they will never even see it. You think new homes are flaw less? Think again 🙂 New construction, even manufactures have their tubs repaired professionally if they are damaged on site.
  • Convenience – Depending on the extensiveness of the repair, most are completed within a hour or so and take 24 hours to cure. Then you’re all set to use the tub as normal.
  • Cost – Standard tub repairs are about double the cost of the repair kit. They rarely exceed $200.
  • Warranty


You get what you pay for in Bathtub Repairs.






Countertop Refinishing vs Replacing

The Countertop refinishing vs Replacing debate is never-ending. On the refinishing side, having them resurfaced correctly can extend the life of that existing countertop by 10-15 years. There are several multi-color options that, when completed, will provide a quartz look without the extra cost. They are very durable and stain resistant. You can obtain seamless countertops while repairing existing damage to the surface (i.e. knife damage, burn marks and large chips)

Countertops that can be refinished
There aren’t many surfaces that can’t be refinished. Tile, laminate, cultured marble and Formica are the most common. Concrete and wood surfaces are able to resurfaced as well. Makes a drastic difference in our home. See for yourself!

Counter 1 Ba

Counter 1 B

Counter 1 Aa

Denver Tub Reglaze in Red

Refinishing takes less time
Your bathroom and kitchen countertops can be completed in one day and need only 24 hours to cure. To replace countertops, assuming they are ready for you immediately (which is very rare), it can take a few days to a week to get them installed (assuming there aren’t any complications).

Refinishing costs up to 60% less than replacement
On average home owners save 30% – 70% on refinishing their existing countertops vs replacing them. As a standard point of reference, get multiple quotes of refinishing vs replacing. Compare warranties, durability, color and service.