How to clean your bathtub

How to clean your bathtub directly effects the life of the tub itself. Common cleaners that you may find at your local general store are actually damaging to the porcelain, acrylic or gel coat finish. We are refinishing new tubs of homes that are 2 years old due to aggressive cleaning chemicals and bathmats (that will be a different blog)!

For example, AJAX, Comet, Soft Scrub, Scrubbing Bubbles, Tilex, are very damaging to any new or refinished bathtub.Why?

AJAX, Comet, etc. are very abrasive. For a porcelain tub, the high gloss finish would wear quickly using these. Regular cleanings will opening up the pores of the porcelain over time. Dirt, grim and soap scum collect in these pores and the tub becomes harder and harder to clean. We have even seen women use SOS pads to clean their bathtubs!!!

Soft Scrub is another very common cleaner, but the formula for this chemical contains acid. With regular cleanings, this chemical will strip the bathtub of it’s high gloss finish and, again, open up the pores. Then your back to aggressive cleaners. This applies to homemade DIY cleaners too. Any thing requiring vinegar (or even bleach) in the ingredients will damage your surface.

The best cleaner we have found over the years is Dawn Liquid Dish Soap. It cuts though oil, gentle on the finish and yet cuts through the dirt and soap scum. If you use dish soap to clean you brand new or refinished bathtub, you can expect the finish to hold 2 to 3 times longer than if you used abrasive or acidic cleaners. The KEY to this is, you must clean it regularly. If you let the tub go uncleaned for a period of a month or two, the dish soap will not cut through the build up.

If you tub is already to the point of needing aggressive cleaners?  Stop. You need to refinish the tub, give it a new shiny high-gloss surface again. After it has that new finish, use the correct cleaners. You won’t regret it.

Why is my bathtub reglaze peeling in Denver?

Why is my bathtub reglaze peeling in Denver? There can be several reasons!

We run into thousands of bathtub reglazes that are done improperly.


  • The bathtub was not acid etched. Many companies in Denver use just a quick wipe on bonding agent or even just a laquor to prep the bathtub before it is reglazed! How do you expect a new finish to adhere to the old one without roughing up the surface? Placing an acid etch on the bathtub does just that. It opens the pours in the porcelain, so the primer has something to adhere too. Which brings us to our next point…
  • Primer. If the bathtub doesn’t have multiple coats of primer applied to it first, the top coat won’t have the best adhesion. Primer is designed to adhere to the original surface, providing  binding layer the is better prepared to receive the high-gloss top coat.
  • The bathtub was reglazed with an Epoxy. Stay away from Denver companies that reglaze with Epoxies.  When it comes to a surface that will receive constant water, the material yellows and brittles. An epoxy finish can last 6 months to a couples years, in most cases.
  • The reglaze has served it’s purpose and is starting to show signs of wear. A reglaze, when completed properly and well taken care of can last 10-15+ years. If the new finish has lasted that stand of time, but has begun to peel, it may be time to get the bathtub reglazed again. The old finish would need to be stripped off down to the original porcelain and refinished again.

Be educated on the correct procedures when looking into the bathtub reglazing option in Denver. Before you hire a technician, discuss their process. Be aware of the time line required and chemicals they are using. Ask about warranties and maintenance instructions. Be informed.



Peeling Bathtub Reglaze


Tub Reglazing in Denver

Tub Reglazing in Denver is in growing popularity. Home Owners are becoming more aware of their options to update their home without spending thousands of dollars. There are several reasons to consider reglazing one’s bathtub:

  1. It’s cost effective. You will spend up to 1/5th of the price to refinish the existing bathtub vs. replacing it. 
  2. It’s green. Not only do we use green chemicals to finish the bathtub, you’re recycling!!
  3. It’s a time saver. We can reglaze your bathtub in Denver in 2-3 hours. It ONLY needs 24 hours for it to cure.
  4. It’s cleaner. You will not have drywall, plumbing and tile everywhere.
  5. It’s custom. Reglaze your bathtub to any color you would like. Add a non-skid finish, if desired.
  6. It supports your local Denver small business. We provide a quality finish with an amazing warranty.

See what a difference it makes!!


Before Reglaze. Home owner used stick on non-skid on the bottom of the bathtub for years. It etched into the porcelain.


We reglazed the bathtub with a pure white high-gloss finish. It will be easy to clean and brightens the whole bathroom