Adding conversion steps to bathtubs can be an effective way to prevent dangerous slip and falls, especially for the elderly, people with mobility issues, and even small children.

Top Benefits of Conversion Steps & Doors for Tubs

Top Benefits of Conversion Steps & Doors for Tubs

If you are considering installing conversion steps for your home’s bathtubs, here are some of the top benefits you can enjoy if you move forward with this safety enhancement:

  1. An easier time getting into/out of tubs – Instead of having to step over the high sides of bathtubs to get into the tub/shower, conversion steps and doors allow people to more easily enter and exit their bathing area. For people with balancing and/or mobility issues, this means added security, as the risk of losing their balance, slipping and falling (in or outside of the tub) can be significantly reduced.
  2. No loss in functionality of the tub – Along with providing safety benefits, conversion steps and doors can also preserve the functionality of tubs themselves, allowing people to still enjoy baths (as the door can be closed, holding in water during bath time).
  3. Cost savings – When comparing the costs of installing conversion steps and doors versus replacing tubs/surrounds with shower pans, conversion steps and doors are far more affordable, as the existing features can remain in place. This can allow people to invest in some additional safety features, like grab bars or shower seats, enhancing their overall bathtub and bathroom safety.
  4. An updated look for the bathroom – Conversion steps and doors can be customized to match various colors and décor, and these features can be added during/after the bathtub refinishing process. This can end up meaning that, by investing in the safety of your bathroom, you also get the benefit of an updated, clean, refreshed look in your bathroom.

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